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Wes Mathison is a Los Angeles native who now finds his home in Chicago. He began his career in the junior program at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood CA. He was soon to become one of the youngest magicians to perform in all six showrooms ranging from close-up sleight of hand, to the main stage. When he is not on tour or performing internationally, you can find Wes headlining in the Chicago Magic Lounge’s Signature Show in Andersonville. Wes’ comedic timing, and lively stage presence makes him ideal for any situation. Whether it’s corporate events, television, the stage, or a private party in your living room, Wes is sure to make it something you won’t forget.

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It is not only his presence on stage that makes him unique, but his extensive background in theatre. In 2017 he received his Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts from California State University Long Beach. There he studied acting techniques such as Meisner, Viewpoints, and Clowning. He was in multiple productions including Good Boys and True, A View from the Bridge, The 39 Steps, and Homelife. Along with performing on stage, Wes has years of experience working backstage. He was the head of props for the worlds largest touring magic show, The Illusionists where he was in charge of assembling, operating, and repairing all of the magic illusions. After The Illusionists, he traveled to Germany where he was the stage manager for the Strange Magic Tour with Dan Sperry.

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Wes has been traveling all over the U.S. performing for audiences of all ages including being featured in New York’s longest running off Broadway magic show, Monday Night Magic. He recently went to India where he created and performed two shows in Pondicherry. One at the Adishakti Acting Laboratory and the second at the Sri Arubindo Ashram School. He has also made multiple trips to Europe where he attended the World Olympics Of Magic (FISM) as well as appearing as a special guest at the Amsterdam Magic Show.

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